Our ongoing product developments

April 29, 2017 Mounting adapter for temporarily attaching our holders to work baskets!

Again through trade fair feedback, we were made aware that there was obviously no viable solution for a removable universal bracket for motor chainsaws for work baskets.

Especially in tree care and in gardening and landscaping, rented aerial work platforms are often used

worked. All the more, there is a need for a solution that is easy to assemble and usable.

We have gladly taken on the topic and hope for a little patience. We already have an idea ...

Ready - available now as of 8.2018

March 10, 2017 New anti-theft device for chainsaws

Through trade fair feedback from a customer, we were made aware that chainsaws are often stolen from vehicles or attachments during a short rest, when refueling or shopping.

Since our universal bracket has a load securing strap, we decided without further ado to develop a cut-resistant and lockable variant.

This is protected with steel cable inserts against being cut with standard Stanley or pocket knives.

In addition, we deliver a combination lock that is easy to use even when wearing gloves.

"A casual thief has no chance of the chainsaw without a bigger one

Effort to steal! "

New, cut-resistant, lockable belt against occasional theft!
Ready - available now!

August 01, 2017 The new "H2" bracket will be added to the product portfolio at Toolprotect, the

According to customer requirements, round off!

Ready - available now as of 8.2018

April 01, 2018 We are currently developing the new "H1" holder - especially for the

Small and cordless chainsaws for mounting and installation in vehicles!

First presentation at the ForstLive 2019 trade fair

August 05, 2018 Mobile sword guard and holder at the same time? One can be curious!

Ready - available now!

September 3rd, 2018 Holder P1 pruning, tophandle and Japanese saw stowed away to save space? It's gonna be a hit!

Ready - available now!

January 12th, 2019 We are developing a new type of holder for combination canisters!

Ready - available now!

March 2020 The new holder P3 for heavy felling saws up to 75cm sword length - Heavy Duty!

First presentation at the ForstLive 2020 trade fair

March 2020 The elastic storage box FLEXBOX for the work basket. Prevents the risk of injury.

First presentation at the ForstLive 2020 trade fair

March 2020 The holder SH2 for the hand saw, to be attached to our chainsaw holder. And cleaned up!

First presentation at the ForstLive 2020 trade fair