Which customers do you supply with your products?

We mainly supply commercial professionals in forestry, tree care, landscaping and municipalities. However, the proportion of ambitious private and hobby users of chain saws is growing steadily. The topic of safety for the user himself, but also the protection of the high-quality tool, is of great importance. We therefore have products for a wide variety of user groups in our range. However, we distance ourselves completely from self-made and handicraft solutions.


What is the difference between your products and conventional tool holders?

All of our products are about "maximum protection of man and machine".   We therefore use a high-performance elastomer when developing our products. In addition to its enormous elasticity, it is characterized by its extraordinary wear resistance.

Why are your parts elastic?

On the one hand, elastic parts protect people from injuries in the event of unintentional contact. On the other hand, this minimizes wear on the holder itself. Many people have the following mistake in their thinking - "Make a part as hard as possible - then it will last a long time" - but that is not always correct. In the event of contact with a sharp object, a flexible, wear-resistant material can give way elastically during contact and immediately afterwards return to its original shape. It therefore W hen material from Tool Protect speaks of that plastic, which is "its original shape notes".

Your components have a higher price level than conventional solutions! Why is that?

The manufacture of our special plastics requires a special industrial handcraft casting process. We are aware that this means that our articles are not accessible to the mass market; especially because fully automated production is not possible. However, that fits very well with the niche market that we really want to serve. The professional user who attaches great importance to extraordinary and durable tools. Last but not least, we produce regionally in Austria - and that out of conviction.

Where can I mount your holder everywhere?

Most of the parts have a CE mark. If you read the enclosed assembly and operating instructions carefully, you will be able to decide very quickly when and where safe assembly is possible. In any case, your country-specific regulations for attaching tools and devices to vehicles and attachments must be taken into account. The toolprotect brand brackets are largely characterized by a uniform mounting system. The components can be fastened in a grid dimension of 82 x 82mm with the basic assembly set included in the scope of delivery. The following applies: "Minimal assembly space requirement - mostly only the size of a palm"

What are the straps attached to many parts intended for?

Most of our holders have a tested, certified safety belt for the tool. You definitely know the topic of load securing! A chain saw carried on a tractor / tractor, for example, or a fuel canister also represented a load - a not entirely harmless one on top of that. We have equipped our components in such a way that the issue of correct load securing is taken into account. After all, it is used to fasten high-cut tools. It is unthinkable if someone like this would become "independent" during transport.

Where can you buy your tools?

Although most articles are "only" passive mounts; we serve niche markets with all your special needs, specifications and regulations. We therefore rely on optimally trained specialist retail partners in sales. You can find most of them under the SHOP section on this page. Here you can usually get the PRO = professional version of our articles. PRO stands above all for the best advice, but also for the internationally recognized ORANGE color for safety-relevant components. For individual needs, such as special color requests, we are also happy to serve you directly. No matter which channel you choose; you will be contacted by a competent partner or by us - feel free to try it out right away.

For example, what can your chainsaw holders do more than simple cheap solutions?

There is a lot to talk about. Hopefully you have some time. ;)

We start with the new industrial design . Today, when developing a new product, one tries to integrate as many necessary but also useful functions as possible into one part. Toolprotect brackets are designed on the one hand for maximum user benefit and at the same time reduced to the essentials of a professional application. Let's explain this using the example of the chain saw holder model P2 (our bestseller).

- The entire cutting attachment is in the holder

This is what we call maximum protection for people and machines. On the one hand, there is the lowest risk of injury to people, on the other hand, all chain links are safely protected from damage. This offers the saw maximum operational safety.

- The claw stop is free

The intelligent design means that the claw stop does not rest on the holder on either side of the sword. This protects the saw and the holder itself.

- Always properly distanced

Our holders have integrated the necessary distance to the mounting surface! The annoying distancing is no longer necessary.

Ask someone who has already done something like this with a cheap solution. "Never again!" you will hear

- The correct (load) securing of the saw is integrated

We are all familiar with the important topic of load securing. Our holders have integrated a certified safety belt. This saves you a lot of discussions and maybe even a penalty from the executive. At the same time, it is practically impossible to lose the saw when it is secured. We all know them, the stories of lost "favorites".

- Minimal assembly space requirement

All holders of the Toolprotect brand take into account the mostly minimal mounting space on vehicles and attachments.

These can already be optimally installed on a surface the size of the palm of your hand. A large number of optional weld-on and screw-on adapters make it easier for the user to create a large number of additional mounting spaces.

Our motto is "Walk around your machine two to three times - you will find a palm-sized place, ideally at maximum ergonomically optimal hip height, where assembly is possible. Trust our numerous users and get inspiration from hundreds of published examples (Important! Binding You can find information on correct and compliant assembly in the assembly and operating instructions enclosed with the product. User examples can also convey information that deviates from this and do not rule out incorrect behavior.)

- Clamping along the sword

The holders of the Toolprotect brand clamp the sword of the chain saw along its entire length by means of an undersize. The elastic plastic constantly exerts a gentle clamping effect and already holds the saw securely in the holder to a high degree. At the same time, the chain and its cutting links are completely free and have no contact with the holder. This results in a complete decoupling of the entire machine from vibrations and impacts during transport and storage. The guide groove of the rail is spared and prevents widening; the chain links stay sharp and ready for use. Maximum protection of the machine.

- Highly flexible, elastic material

We only use high quality materials to manufacture our tool holders. In the case of elastic chainsaw holders, this is a high-performance technical elastomer. This is mainly used for the production of wear-resistant and therefore long-lasting machine components in industry and commerce. You can therefore rely on your holder for a long time.